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The PTA Helper Role Allocations

We are a term into the first year of our new Role Allocation System which enables everyone to do their bit to help support the PTA. Each child was allocated a slot of just 2 hours (max) across the entire year and it was requested that an adult representative for that child either fulfil the slot or swap it with someone for an alternative role. We have mostly received positive feedback and understanding as to why we felt the need to implement this system. Having tried for years to get helpers by asking (begging) right up to an event and the workload not being fairly shared, we unanimously felt this would be the best way to move forward. (Note, this approach has been copied from other schools and groups/clubs like beavers/cubs/rainbows/brownies etc)

There has been some feedback from a few who were not so keen on the change and we have tried our best to respond to all those people and help to find more suitable roles for people whenever possible. We have taken all feedback on board with the main concern reported being that people didn’t get to choose which role they did. The reason for this was that we could see no plausible way of administrating a system where everyone got to select a role. However, we want people to feel as agreeable with this as possible and we are working on finding a way so that next September, hopefully you will be able to assign your own choice of role per child at an event which suits you best.

In the meantime, for this year we hope that everyone understands why we had to implement this system and either turns up for their role or swaps it. If you are really struggling to swap, please contact us on the PTA email address and we will do our best to help too. If people simply don’t turn up it can cause a big problem at an event and that ultimately ends up affecting the success and the money we can raise.

Everything the PTA does is purely to raise money to support the school and all our children. Government budget cuts mean without our support, the School literally cannot afford some of the things that used to be taken for granted. Our fundraising is more important than ever to give the children the best experience and opportunities at school that they can have. Thank you again for understanding and doing your bit to help.