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Eco Update

Since September 2017, our Eco club meets during Friday assembly times.

Our wonderful, enthusiastic team of eco warriors have helped to create our new Eco display, drawing and cutting out images to represent children from all over the world.

We have focused on the theme of being Global Citizens, asking: “How can we help to make our planet a more wonderful place during our lifetime?”

Our warriors have created speech bubbles with our suggestions.

We have researched online and discussed the following issues:

· The importance of plants and having a live plant in each classroom and in our homes

· Poverty

· Our responsibilities as Global Citizens

· Different cultures around the world and how children live

· Growing populations and the demand on the world’s resources

· Raising money for amazing charities such as Oxfam and Water Aid

· Minimizing rubbish and pollution

· The Sea Bin and plastics in the seas and oceans

· Polluted rivers such as the Ganges

· Collecting rubbish, reducing waste

· How scientists will be the heroes who save our world

· Recycling

· Feeding the birds through winter

· Looking after our wildlife and reporting any animal suffering

· Saving our wildlife

· Water shortage (as reported in Cape Town Jan 2018)

· Having empathy for the need of many humans to migrate.

With monies raised from the summer fair, we planted this pear tree on the school field.  

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