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February 2022 Parent Questionnaire 


Dear Parents / Carers,

We need your feedback please ………. to help us set the direction of the school, can you spare 5-10 minutes to complete an online survey about you and your child’s experience at Claytons since September?

Click here to complete: 

Closing date for completed questionnaires:

Wednesday 2nd March

Alongside the parent questionnaire children, staff and governors will all be asked to complete a survey that is tailored to them. The children will be told that parents have a survey to complete and that there is a prize for the Year Groups who get the greatest number of parent surveys returned, so they may mention it to you!

The information gathered is used to inform the School Development Plan, so if there is something you love about the school, or something we need to improve, this is your opportunity to help shape Claytons’ continuing growth.

We will write to you again once the questionnaires are closed, to report back on key findings and actions the school will take. All comments are confidential, however some comments raised may be responded to via the Headteacher’s weekly newsletters, so that all parents can benefit from an explanation.

The questions have changed since the last ‘normal’ survey we conducted in 2019 as OFSTED have updated their questions following a change in focus from the Department of Education.  We have also added some questions and given the option for open ended narrative should you wish to use it. 

The link is also within the Parents section of the school website under letters. Many thanks for your time and your continued support.

The Governing Body

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